The importance of professional associations Essay

The importance of professional associations Essay

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I have never been a part of a professional teaching organization. I was a member of the South Western Psychological Association (SWPA) when I was a student in university, but since then I have never found the need to join another organization. As part of the requirements of my masters degree program, I looked into quite a few of the professional teaching organizations that apply to me in the broader, teaching as an educator, sense as well as the closer to home, my chosen field of teaching, sense. Currently, I have joined two professional teaching organizations that relate to my field. I have found that the support structure and information they provide can be highly helpful as well as enlightening. I have already learned new methodologies I can apply to my current employment and I plan to encourage my co-workers to join as well. I also have thought long and hard about where I am on the scale from a novice teacher to an expert teacher. I do not consider myself as an expert teacher but I am confident that I am not a novice. Having read the information on the Kappa Delta Pi website, as well as other professional teaching societies, I have had the opportunity to do some soul searching and know where my strengths and weaknesses are in both being a professional teacher as well as my path toward hopefully becoming an expert educator.
If I were to try to put myself in Berliner's 5 stages of teacher development (1986), I would like to say that I could firmly plant myself into the "Proficient Level". While learning more about what makes a great teacher, I have begun the process of looking inward and assessing my strengths and weaknesses as an educator. I have not always liked what I found, but I see in myself, the potential to be an ex...

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..., training, and effort, without which, I can never hope to be the teacher I want to be.

Of all the material, articles, and websites that I have read through this week, I feel that the most important realization is that I must be a part of a professional organization. I must be able to learn more as well as give back to my fellow professionals. I hope that I can continue on my journey toward teaching excellence and learn to use all the resources that are available to do so. I also am glad that I could find many good points to my professional self as well as my teaching self. Knowing what I am doing correct keeps me motivated and has renewed my conviction for being a better teacher. I also am glad that I have found many areas to continue working on to improve myself. With these deficits in mind, I will continue to improve and be the educator that I know I can be.

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