Essay on The Importance Of Professional And Effective Nursing Practice

Essay on The Importance Of Professional And Effective Nursing Practice

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Realising Professionalism in Nursing Practice
Professional and effective nursing practice is reliant on an effective therapeutic relationship between nurses and patients (Arnold & Boggs, 2015). The term professional nursing practice can be defined as “a system that supports registered nurse control over the delivery of nursing care and the environment in which care is delivered” (Mark, Salyer, & Wan, 2003). The Professional nursing practice involved appropriate and effective behavioral and attitudes that contribute to improved outcomes for both the patients and healthcare providers. This essay will strive to highlight the capacities and the importance of professional behaviors and attitudes of nurses by analyzing a YouTube video using available quality literature.
Professionalism in nursing is important in achieving a healthy work environment with an adequate set of outcomes. Despite the professionalism’s fundamental role, many nurses display undesired anomalies in their workplace and cross professional boundaries. The term anomaly in healthcare refers to the deviation from what is regarded as normal and expected in healthcare setting ("Anamoly", 2016). The “Crossing professional boundaries as a registered nurse” video, clearly highlights and demonstrates that unprofessional attitudes and behaviors, will result in non-professional nursing practice (Nursing and midwifery board of Australia, 2015). In this video, a registered nurse known as ‘Nicki’ displays unprofessionalism by failing to fulfill her responsibilities which aim to ensure the patient’s safety and health. The set of anomalies that nurse Nicki displayed can be organized into three categories: crossing professional boundaries, ineffective communication, and unprofession...

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...t and their families may experience. Hence, Nicki must take many types of factors that affect professional image and practice into account.
In conclusion, it can be said that professional behaviors and attitudes play a major role in all healthcare setting. Professional boundaries, effective communication and professional image aid to deliver a professional nursing practice and help maintain the patient’s safety. Nurse Nicki displayed unprofessional, inappropriate behaviors and attitudes in her workplace which is more likely to result in poor patient health outcomes, families and the healthcare provider’s dissatisfaction. Therefore, Nicki must take a myriad number of behaviors and attitudes into account. Appropriate and professional attitudes, behaviors and communication skills will decrease the malpractice risk, promote respect and can enhance the patient’s health.

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