The Importance Of Primary Care Settings For Building A Strong Healthcare System

The Importance Of Primary Care Settings For Building A Strong Healthcare System

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The collection of activities designed to help people improve their health or prevent illness through changes in the environment, lifestyle as well as behavior is what is termed as health promotion. This includes efforts to reach individuals or families, activities in the workplace to reach employees and initiatives taking by the community, which focuses on larger populations. However, it is usual for organizations or individuals to want to focus on the behavioral determinants of health and well-being. In the same way, primary care settings serve as a cornerstone for building a strong healthcare system that ensures positive health outcomes and health equity. In the past century there has been a transition in health care from focusing on disease-oriented etiologies to examine the influences of factors rooted in culture, race, ethnicity, policy as well as the environment. Such transition called for a person or family-focused and community oriented primary care services to be provided in a continuous and coordinated manner in order to meet the health needs of the population.

The idea of the primary care settings (PCS) to offer important opportunities for health promotion to the low-income urban population is to improve their health status. How are they able to achieve this goal? By firstly, looking at what impedes promotion of health for the local population. So they (PCS) started by having to see the need to have specialized professionals such as doctors, nurses, support staff and the like-(different specialization) with respect to various kinds of illness or diseases that shows up in the healthcare sectors. Also distance became a subjective concept to the primary care settings, where this mostly concerns the measurement of travel c...

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...population by recruiting staff as either full time or part-time (and even volunteers) to solely handle the ongoing health promotion program. Whiles some of the financial support was used to build dental clinics and what have you which will be beneficial to the development of the community.

In conclusion, health promotion is very important to the community of low-income population. Without the incentives in place, the work of a doctor, nurse, social worker and the like becomes difficult to operate., thus the lack of quality care. However, donations from nonprofit organizations and even the government could promote the work of these professional easier and to provide quality care. Patients will be happy be satisfied with the care they get, whereas educating or training will be the bedrock of every organization to give to their staff as well as the community at large.

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