The Importance Of Physical Violence And Control Wheel And Equality Wheel

The Importance Of Physical Violence And Control Wheel And Equality Wheel

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Personal barriers are the barriers created by the perpetrator in order to maintain power and control. These barriers are usually the tactics shown on the power and control wheel (see the Power and Control Wheel & Equality Wheel). Each batterer chooses a unique pattern of behavior that most effectively controls the responses of the survivor. However, many of the tactics are commonly used. The threat of physical and sexual violence is the ultimate threat, but it is important to remember that physical violence is only one of the factors restricting survivor’s choices.
• Hope and Love: Battered women (sometimes) stay for varying lengths of time because they love their partner and very much hope they will change their behavior. All women want the violence to end; many do not want the relationship to end. This is often one of the hardest phenomena for people who have not been battered to understand. However, many people have been in difficult relationships or jobs that they knew they should leave, but either couldn’t, or needed time to be able to depart. Their ability to mask their abusive behavior at certain times also keeps hope alive for the survivor.
• Emotional Abuse: Emotional abuse is present in almost all relationships where physical violence exists. The assailant will use very derogatory, often sexual names. It is also common for the abuser to employ knowledge gained in an intimate relationship to attack their partner’s spirit and sense of value. This constant barrage of verbal abuse can wear down the survivor’s resistance and make it even more difficult to leave.
• Sexual Violence: Rape, sexual abuse, and sexual humiliation are all forms of sexual violence that are common in battering relationships.
• Hurting Pets: Abuse and m...

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...te relationship are also a huge betrayal of trust, the survivor of abuse will often also have difficulty learning to trust someone else and open up emotionally for fear of being betrayed again.
The long-term effects of domestic violence have not begun to be fully documented. Battered women suffer physical and mental problems as a result of domestic violence. Battering is the single major cause of injury to women, more significant that auto accidents, rapes, or muggings. In fact, the emotional and psychological abuse inflicted by batterers may be more costly to treat in the short-run than physical injury. Many of the physical injuries sustained by women seem to cause medical difficulties, as women grow older. Battered women as directly caused or aggravated by domestic violence suffered early in their adult lives have identified arthritis, hypertension and heart disease

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