The Importance Of Physical And Technical Security Essay

The Importance Of Physical And Technical Security Essay

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Security in any company is vital for it to success. Whether that is physical or technical security, each plays a part in ensuring important data is in the wrong hands. Key physical security may also be needed when dealing with critical physical environment issues. These measures can help prepare a company looking to protect their computing facilities from natural and man-made events.
Whitman (2015) describes physical security as the protection of physical items, objects, or areas from unauthorized access. Not only is this defined but Whitman (2015) also lists seven major sources of physical loss. They are extreme temperature, for example heat or cold. Next is a gas, which may be war gases, commercial vapors, humid or dry air, and suspended particles. Then, we move on to liquids that may be water (duh), or chemicals. Living organisms could be a major source of loss, in terms of viruses, bacteria, people, animals, and insects. One that is less likely than the rest but still major is projectiles. This includes tangible objects in motion, and powered objects. Also movement such as collapse, shearing, shaking, vibration, liquefaction, flow waves, separation, and slide can cause loss. Finally, energy anomalies, for example, electrical surge or failure, magnetism, static electricity, aging circuitry, radiation from sound/light/atomic, are big factors for physical loss. Many threats listed can also be classified as threats to information security. An organizations policy should guide the planning for physical security throughout the development life cycle (Whitman, 2015 469, 499).
Key physical security systems, such as surveillance, help with monitoring security that humans or animal security may miss says Whitman (2015). Many users are...

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...ntial to a company’s physical security in a few ways. Ground and amperage ensures that the returning flow of current is properly discharged to the ground. To help ensure this is constant, computers and other electrical equipment should become a ground source. Power supply to a company’s computer system must have an uninterrupted source in order to prevent damages. Uninterruptible power supply helps organizations use the most critical computing systems by maintaining a constant flow of electrical power with no interruptions. For natural events, an environment must be able to manage the power flowing to a system. Most computer rooms and wiring closets have emergency power shutoffs that are able to do this. This ability to shut off power helps with the recovery of water damaged devices that did not have an electrical current running through them (Whitman, 2015 489-493).

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