Essay about The Importance Of Pet Ownership

Essay about The Importance Of Pet Ownership

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Is Pet Ownership As Easy As We Thought?
A pet can be considered any domesticated or tamed animal kept as a companion and cared for affectionately. The safekeeping and health of an animal is essential no matter the circumstances, as well as the level of knowledge the carer possesses. Being a pet owner can be very demanding and commitment oriented. One must focus on the wellbeing and happiness of not only the pets, but the owners as well. Therefore, one should really think through the decision of becoming a pet owner before deciding to procure a “pet”, Being a pet owner is a privilege that results in a mutually beneficial relationship while still having a demand for responsibility. It’s necessary to have proper care when it comes to safekeeping, basic essentials, and preventing cruelty.
Dedication is essential for a pet owner, due to it’s life-long commitment. It’s essential to plan ahead for the care of an animal or reptile. In the case of an emergency or disaster, pets should be part of an evacuation plan. Also, pets should always have a care system in order to ensure supervision, even when the owner is unable to provide necessary safekeeping. Another aspect of being a dedicated pet owner is not only the safekeeping but also making sure the basic essentials are in place. Basic essentials to owning a pet include keeping the dog social, exercised, healthy with necessary vaccinations, spaying or neutering, shelter, and food. These may seem obvious, but some people don’t follow these guidelines which can lead to serious complications for the pet. To better the pet and the environment around them, an owner should clean up after them, whether it be with a cage or picking up poop from the side of the road. Also, making sure the pet has...

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