The Importance Of Parental Neglect And Abuse Is Covered On The News Every Single Day Across The Globe

The Importance Of Parental Neglect And Abuse Is Covered On The News Every Single Day Across The Globe

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"I can 't define what it is but I know it when I see it," (Loco Parentis"). In today 's society, parental neglect and abuse is covered on the news every single day across the globe. Recently a plethora of new cases are being defined as "Loco Parentis". Loco Parentis is a phrase in Latin meaning for in place of a parent and in court usually refers to a specific person or organization to take on some of the responsibility for the crime that has taken place. This is the conflict brought up in the case of John Telford and the murder of Chris Skinner , and the role of John 's father in this whole epidemic. While charging someone with "Loco Parentis" is not an easy task to accomplish in any case, Robert Telford 's actions of neglect and emotional abuse triggered his son 's actions and caused what was going to be a simple mugging of Skinner 's candy bar profits to drastically turn into a violent murder. While there are many conflicting opinions on this topic people must understand that properly raising a child does not involve only the stable family structure of still having both parents living together, but more directly focuses on the process or values that are taught to the children as they mature and start having social interactions.
First taking a look at the living conditions John had before this whole tragic incident of the murder of his classmate Chris Skinner. Throughout this particular case the audience learns numerous details about how John 's personal life may have led him to be a killer. John was a part of a group at school known as the "freaks" who were constantly victims of the popular kids ' bullying and taunts. John was even mugged at the young age of only thirteen by some older classmates. John 's fath...

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... his father starting from the time he was born, so he may not know right from wrong. Due to this factor and evidence in the case I believe John should be put into a mental hospital so he can attempt to learn right from wrong and get the therapy he obviously needs. Looking at the evidence against Robert I believe that he should be put away for more than the two to six years due to the fact that he was the main initiator in this whole case. Through Robert 's constant bullying and abuse tactics he taught his son that the only way to be a "man is to act tough, which he should have had the cognitive ability to be able to comprehend that this method of teaching is not right in the slightest. Then maybe if Robert had raised John in a positive environment where it was ok to have emotions, then maybe John would be more like Leo and none of this would have ever happened.

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