The Importance Of Owning A Person 's Character Essay

The Importance Of Owning A Person 's Character Essay

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In order to decide whether the term "owning" helps develop your moral character, you must first figure out what owning something means to you. To me, "owning something" applies to not only the tangible, like a shirt, but also the intangible, like knowing something so well you own it, or even owning a behavior.
Many people, like Plato, argue that owning objects is detrimental to a person 's character. Although that may be true at times, I do not believe that is always the case, like Aristotle states. Many objects that people own, such as watches, books, etc., help expand and improve your character in different ways. To learn to be on time and trustworthy, a watch may help someone, which boosts their moral character. Books have thousands of examples of effective, and defective, character traits and reading these books will help create an understanding of what will happen if you choose a bad trait to follow, like disrespect. I personally love reading books that engulf me and make me feel like I 'm part of the story and I 'm experiencing events with the characters. When a character ...

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