Essay about The Importance Of Our Educators And The Impact Of Their Work

Essay about The Importance Of Our Educators And The Impact Of Their Work

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There is little I’d rather discuss than the importance of our educators and the impact of their work. I am especially thankful for the men and women across the country, and globally, that have dedicated their life’s craft to being intellectual guardians, protectors, and promoters of the knowledge that makes human life especially unique. Despite the never ending despair that December often evokes, as finals drown students and teachers alike in never ending stacks of paper, it is important to remember the unique opportunities that the classroom setting has to offer. The topic is especially personal due to an academic career that encompassed 16 schools over 13 years. When given the opportunity to evaluate a number of classroom settings from the inner-city streets of Dallas, to the rural back roads of northern Alabama, one consistency was the compassion and ability of so many of the educators that make an American education so special.

(Compare and Contrast) - As an elementary and middle school student I always naturally evaluated the styles and characteristics of the many teachers I was able to encounter. Like any consumer I was simply getting a feel for the quality of my experience. In massively under-funded schools that did at times lack air conditioning or functional electricity, the impact of many dedicated educators was the driving force that held me accountable for my own dedication, even if this sense of dedication was just being applied to cut and glue worksheets or cup stacking races in P.E. There are a few attributes that consistently stood out in special educators, and as my academic career advanced, during high school I began falling in love with studying the qualities that make for incredible teachers and learners. One...

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... a sought after beacon for higher learning but costs are increasingly detrimental for many forced to either forgo time at Universities, or accept massive debt well into their 30’s. The potential changes are extremely fascinating, and years will be devoted to the re-shaping of our institutions as change is as demanding as ever for many young American’s that will soon be leading industries in the globally connected nature of our working forces. Education has an extremely vital role in our modern world, its preservation and restoration constantly work hand in hand as we venture forward as humans. As our ability to reason and think continues to make human life especially unique, I simply enjoy evaluating and expressing the deserved gratitude that teachers, leaders, and learners alike whom continue to devote time and energy to the ever evolving process that is education.

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