The Importance Of Oral Health And Dental Hygienist Essay

The Importance Of Oral Health And Dental Hygienist Essay

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The ad below was intended to remind an audience of the importance of oral health and to see a dental hygienist. A dental hygiene facility may have created this advertisement in hopes of getting the attention of customers who usually do not go to the dentist. In a study conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology, men are twice as less likely to receive a regular routine check-up than women. With this information, it is obvious that this ad was directed toward males. This type of advertisement was most likely placed in an area where it could be seen by men, for example, a sports magazine or in a male restroom. The creator of the ad knew to use pathos to appeal to the male audience, so they put all of what a man “needs” in the life. Women and sex.
This advertisement is blatantly sexist. A woman is sitting in a sink where people spit grotesque body fluids from their mouth. Without any text, an onlooker could assume the creator was implying that women were the equivalent to spit. Ross Coomber, a principal lecturer in sociology at the University of Plymouth, has stated that “spitting bodily fluids at someone is more offensive than hitting them because you are making contact with them in a way that would not be enjoyed/appreciated”. Another way this publication could be perceived is that a woman is incompetent and only useful when a man has something he needs from her. This is obviously untrue because both men and women are almost equally capable of doing what the other can do. Nonetheless, to compare a woman to an inanimate object is stupid. Inanimate objects are brainless and are used for single simple tasks which a woman is not. In actuality, women have a higher capability of acquisition and use of verbal information (Halp...

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...e ad could be placed in areas where it could be visible to a lot more people and the dental facility this advertisement was made for could have an uproar in customers. The first detail that should be removed is the woman being objectified. Instead of having her half naked in a sink the creator could have her fully clothed and a dentist working on her teeth in a dental facility. If the creator wanted to appeal to a larger audience he could have a family getting their routine checkup together. This way the message is being told and a broader audience are able to see the ad. The next detail that should be changed is the “remember to spit not swallow” quote. This can easily be misleading and can have the audience draw a conclusion that has nothing to do with dental hygiene. An acceptable phrase could be “remember fluoride in toothpaste is dangerous, always spit it out”.

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