Essay on Importance of Operations Function in Japan Tobacco International Inc.

Essay on Importance of Operations Function in Japan Tobacco International Inc.

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Japan Tobacco International Inc. (JTI), being a member of Japan Tobacco Inc. and world's third largest international tobacco company, operates 95 offices, 25 factories, 6 R&D centers and 5 tobacco processing facilities in more than 120 countries. All sites are linked by complex and highly efficient networks supported and directed in a 24/7 mode. More than 10’000 out of total 27’000 company’s employees are engaged in Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain (GSC).
JTI’s operations include sourcing materials, managing product making and packing, directing international distribution, as well as systems and processes support. Such a wide geographical and functional spread provides great challenges to its operations as well as unlimited range of opportunities. “Current competitive arena, which includes lean production, mass customization and agile manufacturing, places huge demands upon operations capabilities” (Brown, Squire, & Lewis, 2010, p.4192).
In general, activities which transform input organization’s own and attracted resources into goods and services outcome supplied by the organization to the external environment are understood as operations. Besides transformation itself, they include also systematic direction, control, and evaluation of the entire range of processes (Slack, Chambers, & Johnston 2007). In JTI decisions regarding the design of the system, e.g. number of products, breadth of product structure, and number of operations in the routing are made globally. However, sometimes local legislation requirements regarding ingredients and packaging differ, time zones, peculiar conditions in carriers’ contracts, as well as road network maintenance has to be considered (Gabriel, 2013).
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