Essay about The Importance Of Openness With The Wrong Means

Essay about The Importance Of Openness With The Wrong Means

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A person could increase openness when appropriate by self-disclosing, answering spontaneously and truly to individuals with whom that individual is interacting, and have possession of his or her own moods and thoughts. There are many advantages and risks to this form of communication. I have had times where I lacked in this behavior. There have also been times where I used openness with the wrong means. Here, I will explain openness while giving personal experiences of when I lacked in this form of communication and how I could fix it. Openness is a great thing to obtain while communicating with others in more than just conversation.
Openness means exactly what it sounds like it would be, the quality or state of being open. To improve, or in other words increase openness is to use self-disclose when fitting. In addition, an individual should be aware of anything that person says about him or herself. “Openness - A Quality of interpersonal effectiveness involving a person’s willingness (1) to interact openly with others, self-disclosing as appropriate; (2) to react honestly to incoming stimuli; and (3) to own his or her own feelings and thoughts.” - Joseph A. DeVito, The Nonverbal Communication Book. Therefore, yes, there are times where openness is not most appropriate to use while communicating. The concept of openness in communication is a wide-ranging understanding for art, emotion, unusual thoughts and opinions, imagination, curiosity, and diversity of knowledge. Persons should communicate with a clear eagerness to listen. Openness is almost always appreciated and valued over close-mindedness in both face-to-face and online communication.
It is shown that if too much openness is used, it could lead to a downfall in your rel...

... middle of paper ... and he asks around the team to see if anyone has opinions or judgements of their own about the team we are about to play. He seems to always ask the same people on the team and never calls on me. One day after practice I talked to coach about how he makes me feel like I don’t know anything and feel stupid. As a replacement for saying, “You make me feel stupid when you don’t ask my judgement,” I should’ve owned my own feelings and said something like, “I feel stupid when you ask everyone else what they think but don’t ask me.” When I represented an I-message, I showed how “This is how I feel,” “This is how I see the situation.” I-messages make an okay speaker into a great one while using openness. Individuals can listen thoroughly to the confessions of others and these mutual confessions (or the absence of them) will help guide their own confessions or disclosures.

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