The Importance Of Observing And Assessing Children Essay

The Importance Of Observing And Assessing Children Essay

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The importance of observing and assessing children
Observations means noticing what a child is able to do and where they are struggling. It is also knowing whether the child can understand things and say things.
Assessments is basically reflecting or giving feedback on the information from the observation considering the child 's learning
Observing and assessing children is very important and there are lots of reasons why practitioners carry out assessment and observe children. Observing children when they come into the setting is important because each individual will have a different background and they will have different experiences and knowledge and by observing them and taking assessments can tell us what the child can do and where they need support so the practitioners can support them through this by providing activities and sharing the information with parents.
From observations and assessment you can find out a lot of information that is very useful for example you can learn more about the child 's interest and you can track the child 's progress in relation to normative development and in relation to their curriculum outcomes. It can also help the key worker plan the next step for certain individuals. Children will be observed and assessed throughout their education and for young children you can find out whether they have additional needs or if they need transferring to another service or professional for example audiologists or speech and language therapists.
In settings observations take place everyday in activities but some observation are done for a particular reason with children to find out if they have any problems. Practitioners will look around to see what each child is doing and they will sometimes go ...

... middle of paper ... settings will have a need to know policy. For students who take observations they need to change the name of the child and maybe the name of the setting. If they are including observations in assignments they also need to change the name of the child this is because it avoids the child being identified by other people who don’t need to know about the child.

Participant Bias
When observing it can be difficult to remain objective this is known as participant bias and there are lots of reasons for this.
Relationship with children
Observes who have made a strong relationship with a child is likely to make judgement based on what they know about that child which means they may miss things that do not fit the existing picture. Participant bias is seen in assessment because someone may now the child and has marked them as their favourable Planning to reflect

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