The Importance Of Nutritional Research And Health Benefits Essay example

The Importance Of Nutritional Research And Health Benefits Essay example

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Five years ago, I was inspired by a TED Talk presented by, Jamie Oliver, a healthy living activist, and chef. He explained that we spend our lives being paranoid about death by murder or accidents, yet he pointed out that in reality, the most common causes of death were all diet-related diseases. Surprisingly, homicide was at the very bottom of the list.
That was a wake-up call for me. I realized, the choices we make each time we put food in our mouths impact our daily quality of life and have a profound effect on our long-term health. I wanted to be part of the solution, and thus my journey in dietetics and nutrition began. By understanding good nutrition principles, we hold the keys to heal, improve well-being, prevent disease and enhance physical and mental strength. I want to advance my education with the opportunity to explore and apply nutritional research and health benefits.
As a teen, I worked in a scratch kitchen, where I had the unique opportunity to learn the essentials of cooking without using processed ingredients. I learned about food marketing during my work with Nabisco as a field sales representative, and food safety and handling working with Aramark in the catering division. In addition to these jobs, I considered how I could make an impact on my peers and in my sophomore year founded Enactus of West Chester University.
Enactus of West Chester University encourages student enterprise and believes all students, from all disciplines, can make a difference, in the world, develop themselves, and their career at the same time. At West Chester University we encouraged our members to become responsible leaders and to promote living healthy trough mind, body and spirit. Through our entrepreneurial action we d...

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...on and skills I need to excel as a Registered Dietitian. The program’s emphasis on Clinical Nutrition fits perfectly with my ambition of becoming a dietitian working with maternal and pediatrics in both the clinical and community settings. My short term goal upon the completion of my dietetic internship is to guide women through pre- and post- pregnancy to reduce their nutritional risk by providing them with nutritious meal plans, dietary supplement and educating them on healthy eating for themselves and their families. I aspire to continue my work with the Mayo Clinic to gain experience in the field of clinical nutrition. Ultimately, I desire to open my own establishment for mothers that will provide them with everything they will need to have a safe and healthy pregnancy from making sure she is at peak fertility to following her baby to the age of four years old.

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