The Importance Of Nurses, One Should Be Culturally Competent Essay

The Importance Of Nurses, One Should Be Culturally Competent Essay

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Cultural Competence
Everyday the United States gains a large amount of people, whether it’s legally or illegally. Mainly anywhere one could go, one would find people of all different types of race, religion, and color. The United States is a blended country because an abundance of its people mingles outside of their original backgrounds.
When working in a medical/health related field one would be able to see countless people and odd things. Some medical procedures that might seem small to one person may be complicated or even taboo to another person’s beliefs. That is why as nurses, one should be culturally competent. (Newman Giger & Davidhizar, 2008) says, “to be culturally competent one must be able to deliver meaningful care to a patient by using strategies from the person’s cultural heritage, beliefs, attitudes, and their behaviors.”
Cultural competence is an important feature to have as a nurse. When one shows a patient that they are culturally competent a visit to the hospital/doctor can go so much smoother for everyone involved. (Dudas, 2012) said that in “a study they found that 83.2 percent of the RN/BSN workforce was White, non-Hispanic while only 3.6 percent were Hispanic.” As a result of these numbers it seems that cultural competence is necessary. Seeing how the workforce of nurses is mainly White, non-Hispanic, these people may have never experienced many of the diverse cultural traditions of the part of the population that is not White non-Hispanic. The fact that the United States get significantly larger day-by-day, one will soon run across a patient that may not speak English or one who might be deaf. For example, there are many Mexican American people who surround our community. For these people not being abl...

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...dissipates even with the help of medications.
From all of the information gathered it is easy to see how cultural competence is absolutely necessary. The world around us and its people are slowly changing day-by-day, for this reason any nurse that is going to be working in the health field should be trained in cultural competence. When one goes to the doctor, they would want to be able to connect with the health staff and feel as comfortable as possible. A nurse can change a person’s life for the better or the worse. Good experiences with good nurses could lead to the patient returning or even referring more patients to that health facility. Nurses are role models for everyone around him or her. Nurses do not need to know everything from every cultural background but to be able to understand that everyone is different and to be sensitive to those patients’ beliefs.

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