The Importance Of Nurses At The Bedside Essay

The Importance Of Nurses At The Bedside Essay

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There are events, subtle or otherwise, leading up to a critical change in health status. As nurses at the bedside, we must have strategies and protocols implemented in order to monitor changes in vital signs and trends leading towards a cardiac, respiratory, or neurologic event. In a hospital setting, patients are monitored for changes in condition, whether it be improvement or deterioration, allowing clinicians to decide the course of action to follow in their care.
In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), patients are being monitored very closely while their vital signs, their neurological status, and their physical status are being managed with strong medications, lifesaving machines, and the clinical knowledge and skills of trained ICU nurses. Outside of the ICU, it is essential for staff nurses to identify the patient that is clinically deteriorating and in need of urgent intervention.
A Code Rescue or Rapid Response Team is an essential resource for hospitals to have, establishing a decrease in patient mortality and providing support from a skilled team of nurses, physicians and respiratory therapists. The ICU nurses are capable of responding to these urgent Code Rescue calls, but in the interim, have to leave their assigned patient load for an unknown amount of time in order to respond to an emergency.
There is a safety issue for these ICU patients that are without their assigned nurse who had to leave them for an unspecified amount of time to respond to any or all Code Rescues. The establishment of a code team specifically designed to respond to codes without having the burden of a patient load would be a positive factor in patient outcomes in Code Rescues.

Clinical Practice Question
In clinically deteriorating patients...

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...linically deteriorating, results are a reduction in cardiopulmonary arrests outside of the ICU. These results have been proven but development and maintenance of a successful RRT, without the use of additional resources, is not possible without team members who are experienced in the management of critically ill patients and who are routinely free of patient assignments.
At this time, the average length of time that an ICU nurse spends away from their assigned patient load due to Code Rescue response needs to be researched closely. Documentation of adverse effects on their patient assignment, if any, needs to be documented in the form of Incident Reports. By gathering this information, the formation of a Rapid Response Team solely dedicated to responding to these emergency situations would become a standard in evidence based practice throughout the hospital systems.

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