Essay The Importance Of Nurse Home Visit Programs

Essay The Importance Of Nurse Home Visit Programs

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Nurses play an important role in helping families become competent and more confident as they engage in the healthcare of themselves and their loved ones. We will examine the nurse’s role in home visit programs, community nursing centers, public health departments, home education and community education. In addition, we will see how they have benefited and impacted the families in these settings and ways the family health nurse is useful as a community resource.
Nurse Home Visiting Programs
Nurse family relationships are endorsed by such relationships as visiting nurses that allows the nurse to train the patient and the family in a familiar situation (SmithBattle, Lorenz, & Leander, 2013). By providing nursing care and teaching in the home the nurse can assess areas such as social, emotional, and physical development and needs of the individual and the family (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tabaccco, & Hanson 2015). Nurses can evaluate effectively the safety and wellbeing of the family when they are directly involved in it. House visitation could have significant improvements in health outcomes for the families by early identification, training and monitoring for the individual and the family. Through trust and respect the nurse and the family learn together what is most successful for the family or individual and also allows them to experience first hand obstacles. By doing so, the visiting nurse can incorporate better interventions that will increase positive outcomes.

Community Nursing Centers1
Programs offered within a center that offers public health access are typically called community nursing centers. In this setting, nurses will focus on health promotion and prevention through screenings, well-child visits, ...

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...h nurse knows every piece of that puzzle, the shape, colors, and dimensions. The community health nurse knows the overall design and what the picture is to look like when completed. By having a intimidate knowledge of the pieces coupled with the insight of the whole, the process of completing that puzzle is much faster. If we threw in several pieces that did not belong to that puzzle the family nurse would be able to identify and remove from equation.
Nurses work in all aspects of the family. Weather it is on a smaller scale such as the visiting nurse to a much larger scale as the public health nurse. They all work not only with one person, but with many others that are affected or could be affected by the same problem. Nurses impact the lives of not only the person, but the families and communities of the individual to assist them in obtaining a healthier tomorrow.

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