The Importance Of Multiple Instructional Strategies For Teaching Students

The Importance Of Multiple Instructional Strategies For Teaching Students

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One thing I learned is that we are all diverse learners. This is especially true in an ESL/ELL classroom. Each student came from a different country, had a different home language, and all were in different tiers of learning English. Ms. Shrubb had to do different things to help every one of her students to be successful in and out of the classroom. For example, she had to provide more support to the two new students from the Ukraine earlier that week. This is because they were just starting to learn English. The other kids who are in a higher tier may not need as much support as these two boys do because they are further along in the ESL/ELL program. I learned that every child is different and we need to treat them as such. The second thing that I learned is that it is important to use multiple instructional strategies when teaching students. This way if they did not understand what you are teaching them in one particular way they may understand it in another context. For example, Ms. Shrubb was trying to explain the boy who they were have behavioral problems with; he did not understand what they were telling him at first. But, then Ms. Shrubb said some of the words in Spanish and the boy was able to understand. One other thing I learned from Ms. Shrubb was how important it was to have a good relationship with the students and their parents. She was and is always talking to the parents making sure that they also understand what is going on with their child’s education and how they could help them at home. Ms. Shrubb is also there to advocate for the family and is there to help the family get the support they need. This in return helps foster a great relationship that will help the child to be successful in the classroom. They tol...

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...Having good communication with each of the families help foster a good relationship with the student and the teacher. This in return allows the student to be far more successful. I loved being able to go back to my high school and getting the chance to see my school in a different way. Being back at Bellefonte High opened my eyes to how much the teachers and faculty do to help make sure that every student can reach their maximum potential. This made me more grateful for everything those same teachers did for me when I was a student there. One thing I would like to do if I go back to the ESL program at Bellefonte Area High School is to work with and help students learn something. I would like to try to teach them something. I think it would be a fun challenge and something that I could be beneficial.

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