The Importance Of Motivation And Productivity, Organizational Culture, And Job Satisfaction

The Importance Of Motivation And Productivity, Organizational Culture, And Job Satisfaction

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The Importance of Motivation to Productivity, Organizational Culture, and Job Satisfaction


Motivation in the workplace has a great effect on productivity. By motivating employees, a business can increase its productivity. According to Michaelson (2005), ”factors that individual workers regard as valuable need to be channeled or redirected to augment organizational productivity” (p. 235). There are several forms of motivation that can be used to increase productivity. Some motivational methods that could affect productivity are job engagement, goal-setting, and reinforcement. Knowing the connection between motivation and productivity can be crucial for employees to increase productivity levels. When employees are motivated they will work more efficiently and raise overall productivity. The first step for employers is choosing how to motivate their employees.

Forms of Motivation

There are many ways to motivate employees to increase their productivity. It is important for employers to find what will best motivate their employees. An employee who is motivated by wealth will produce more when they receive pay-for-performance incentives, whereas employees who are motivated by recognition will produce more when offered more responsibility or a greater title (Michaelson, 2005, p. 236). Four types of motivation that help increase productivity are job engagement, goal-setting, reinforcement theory, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Job Engagement. One type of motivation tactic used to boost productivity is job engagement. According to the organizational business textbook, job engagement is “the investment of an employee’s physical, cognitive, and emotional energies into job performance” (Robbins & Judge, 2015, p.198). By ...

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...e their employees effectively, they will achieve lower turnover rates and higher productivity.

Increased/Lost Revenue. Motivation is very important to productivity because motivation has the ability to increase productivity from employees. Employees who are motivated will work more efficiently, meaning they will produce a higher quantity, quicker, and with fewer mistakes. The increased efficiency of employees will result in increased revenue for the business. Some of the many ways employers can motivate their employees and increase overall productivity are job engagement, goal setting, reinforcement theory, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Employers having an understanding of the many ways there are to motivate employees, makes it easier for the employers to increase their business’s productivity. For these reasons, motivation is of utmost importance to productivity.

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