The Importance Of Mental Health For The Victims Essay

The Importance Of Mental Health For The Victims Essay

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Cancer is undoubtedly a huge issue today, since about 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer (United Press International). However, not many are talking about the significance of mental health for the victims. Each year 12.7 million people are diagnosed and 7.6 million will perish annually from the disease (UPI). Each year, millions of people perish from the disease, and about 25% of them with severe mental illness (National Cancer Institute). The treatment for this disease causes fogginess-depression, anger and many other emotions whose symptoms are often overlooked. Though cancer is not always terminal, it can dramatically affect the mental state of the victim and their loved ones. More should be done to emotionally support cancer victims and their loved ones because physical treatment alone is not sufficient. Patients and physicians are so focused on the end goal that they forget about the importance of the patient 's mental state along the way.This is unacceptable. A longer life, rather than a shorter, happier life, doesn’t always mean a better life.
Cancer treatment induces a distorted mental state whose symptoms is commonly called, “chemo brain.” Chemo brain is known for chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment or dysfunction. After an MRI of cancer patients brain post chemo, there was a serious decline in brain activity. A few examples of “chemo brain” include memory lapses, trouble concentrating, trouble remembering things, trouble multi-tasking, taking long amounts of time to complete simple tasks, and trouble remembering common words (Hughes). And because brain problems are hard to study and pinpoint the cause of, the symptoms go untreated. According to USA Today, “From 25% to 82% of breast cancer patients suf...

... middle of paper ... they deserve.
Other than physical treatment, there is therapy and counseling available, however, there is a lack thereof. Cancer patients go through unimaginable hardships, filled with loads of ups and downs, yet doctors and physicians focus first on the physical treatment and leave their mental health to second. One’s quality of life and mental state should be considered just as much as their stage of cancer is considered. Physicians and therapists need to work together and emotionally support all those who deserve and need it. And not only is it stressful for the cancer patients themselves, but their family, loved ones, or spouses. This is one of the reasons that cancer patients and people without cancer continue to suffer at the hands of mental illness, because our own American culture believes it is more important to treat one’s body rather than their mind.

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