The Importance Of Mastering Fine Motor Skills Essay examples

The Importance Of Mastering Fine Motor Skills Essay examples

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Mastering fine motor skills is a very important process needed for physical and cognitive development. It is during early childhood that most children develop these skills, however there are many children that do not. A young child’s fine motor skills are developed through a vast array of activities that aide the child in doing little things such as grasping a toy as an infant, and buttoning buttons as a toddler or tying shoes when they are a preschooler. Fine motor development is the development of the small muscles in the hands and fingers. Many crucial daily activities depend on strong motor skills, such as writing, using eating utensils and getting dressed, among other things. Without fine motor skills a child will have difficulties preforming activities necessary to the classroom and in general daily life (School Sparks, 2015). Hand-eye coordination is equally important to develop during the early years, for they coincide with fine motor skills.
The theory of motor-skill learning that best fits fine motor control would be the closed- loop theory because when learning activities that have to do with the fine motor skills one can redo or practice the activity as many times as need to master the task. Adam’s closed-loop theory suggests that there are two important components to his theory and the first one is the perpetual trace. Adams states that in the beginning when learning a new skill, the perpetual trace is weak (Mazur, 2012), for example, when an infant is learning to grasp a toy, at first he will finger it, trying to get the feel of it, then he will try and wrap his fingers around it, eventually he will pick it up, just to drop it without even realizing he was holding it in the first place. After several attempts of th...

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...ception, which all of these will allow for growth in the area of fine motor skills (OTPlan, 2016). Theoretically, the activities outlined in this paper will aide in a child’s fine motor skills development, building intelligence and self-esteem. Significant advancements towards gross motor skills can be acquired by gaining knowledge and experience with fine motor control. Learning to dress oneself, using utensils, tying shoes, putting together puzzles, stringing beads, using scissors and even putting Lego 's together require the use of strong fine motor control which correlates consistently with general and specific cognitive abilities (Ziegler, 2010). A research done in 1987 found a relationship between fine motor skills and intelligence among young children that will foretell academic performance in advanced years, at least up through primary school (Ziegler, 2010).

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