The Importance Of Managing Finances And Being Aware Of Where Money Is Spent By Creating A Budget

The Importance Of Managing Finances And Being Aware Of Where Money Is Spent By Creating A Budget

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The self-management section discusses how a person’s attitude affects performance and how a person’s values will be reflected by their attitude (Anderson & Bolt, 2013). This section also discusses how to set long and short term goals, the importance of setting realistic goals and how goals keep a person motivated, driven and positive (Anderson & Bolt, 2013). This section encourages a person to create a life plan in all areas of their life (e.g. education, career, social, spiritual, financial and activities) (Anderson & Bolt, 2013). It also discusses how taking an assessment can help identify a person’s interests, abilities and personality, which will help guide them to the right career (Anderson & Bolt, 2013). In addition, this chapter discusses the importance of managing finances and being aware of where money is spent by creating a budget (Anderson & Bolt, 2013). This section also discusses how to identify and manage time and stress (positive and negative) effectively so a person can obtain from physical and mental repercussions (Anderson & Bolt, 2013). Finally, this section discusses how to dress and act professionally in the workplace (Anderson & Bolt, 2013).
The sections on workplace basics discuss how a person’s ethics will be tested in the workplace and how everyone should be treated in the workplace, regardless of their differences (Anderson & Bolt, 2013). This section also discusses how employees need to be accountable and take responsibility for their work or lack of work (Anderson & Bolt, 2013). In addition, this section discusses how to have a healthy, working relationship in the workplace by being professionally appropriated (Anderson & Bolt, 2013). This section also discusses how each company should have a mission a...

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... life as a result of this information is to continue on my pursuit to becoming more organized. This will help in my professional style and help in counseling others. I also think I need to work on having more confidence in myself and to not worry about how others perceive me. People say that I seem confident, but sometimes I do not feel it. I think it can be easy to pretend to be confident, but I want what I’m portraying on the outside to portray what I’m feeling on the inside. My plan is to continue to seek the Lord for affirmation instead of people. I also think I could continue to uplift and encourage others in counseling, which could help build client’s confidence. When I take my eyes off myself, I’m usually my best self, which means that my confidence in the Lord may shine brighter, which also means that I may come across even more confident and less insecure.

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