The Importance of Logistics Management Essay

The Importance of Logistics Management Essay

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Logistics Management
In the Second World War logistics also played an integral role. The allied forces’ invasion of Europe was a highly skilled exercise in logistics, However while the Generals and Field Marshals from the earliest times have understood the critical of logistics, strangely it is only in the recent history that business organizations have come to recognize the vital impact that logistics management can play in gaining a competitive advantage (Christopher 1992).
However, we must ask ourselves what is logistics management in the sense that is understood today? There are multiple ways of defining logistics however, the underlying concept might be defined as follows:
Logistics is the process of strategically managing the procurement, movement and storage of materials, parts and finished inventory (and the related information flows) within the organization through the cost effective fulfillment of orders.
Furthermore, the mission of logistics is to get the appropriate goods or services to the right place, at the right time, and in the desired condition, while making the greatest contribution to the firm.

2.2.1 Definition of Logistics
According to the Council of Logistics Management, a professional organization of logistics managers, educators, and practitioners, formed in 1962 for the purposes of continuing education and development the interchange of ideas. Its definition is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of raw material, in process inventory, finished goods and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.
The logistician is concerned with the flow of goods to and from the...

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...y would feel that there is no extra work for them reporting the KPI at a frequent basis. Parmenter especially points out that the reporting should be time sensitive, efficient and focused on improving
decision-making. (Parmenter, 2007) Both Parmenter (2007) and Neely et al (1997) emphasizes that the KPI should follow the overall business strategy.

2.5 Previous Research

Findings – Key Factors
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2 Johnson & Mattson (2005) The efficiency variables of the logistics system • Flexibility
• Time
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Source: Compiled by Author (2013)

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