The Importance Of Living The Childhood Dream Essay

The Importance Of Living The Childhood Dream Essay

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The importance of living the childhood dream is immeasurable. It gives the child a role model to look up to and aspire to be when they grow up. The value of reading and understanding a fairy tale ignites the modern child’s imagination. A creative imagination is key for a child growing up and understanding the world as a whole. An imagination starts the ideas of new inventions and ideologies among the world, which would not be possible without the wonderful fairy tales that are read to children of this day in age. Fairy tales are read today due to fairy tales affecting the lives of the child’s parent. That is why fairy tales are passed on from generation to generation, so they can affect the lives of children in the future. Maybe the most famous and iconic fairy tale of all is the story of Cinderella. The typical young child might not know the original story of ‘Cinderella”. The original certainly would not be the ideal “fairy tale” individuals around the world know of today.
The original fairy tale of Cinderella, however is quite depressing and gruesome. Many versions of the fairy tale are still around today. The most well known original version, is the version written by the Grimm Brothers. The Grimm Brothers, Jakob and Wilhelm, grew up in a small town within German borders. There, some of the most famous fairy tales to date were originated amongst the small town. The Grimm Brother’s primary focus was to portray the German culture and origins of Germany. Also, the brothers focused on the past history, unlike many other writers during their time period. The Grimm brothers were described as, “the most important of these early language and folklore romantic historians” (Encyclopedia of World Biography). However, the original work w...

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...wever, do not listen to the message of retaliating on your enemies like Cinderella 's birds do, but embrace the fact that the goal is met and the enemies did not stand in the way.
The masterful writing techniques and the hidden messages within the fairytale, “Cinderella”, is quite astonishing. The original work of “Cinderella” is very different from the Disney version, but both convey a similar meaning. Strive for a goal and do not get discouraged by a challenge that may arise. Cinderella found a way to get to the ball and meet the prince even though her family highly disapproved of her going. In my life, I feel that I should learn more from Cinderella and apply her tactics to some of the struggles I face. Cinderella’s determination cannot be disvalued and should encourage everyone in the world that anything is possible if their heart and mind is put into the goal.

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