The Importance Of Lifelong Learning / Continuing Professional Development

The Importance Of Lifelong Learning / Continuing Professional Development

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Discuss the importance of Lifelong Learning/Continuing Professional Development.

The purpose of this essay is to discuss Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the importance CPD has to the nursing profession. Continuing Professional Development and Lifelong Learning (LLL) are both defined the same however CPD will be used throughout this essay. The concepts of CPD will be discussed along with two skills and one attribute that are required to become an effective learner.
Due to the ever increasing changes in society, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can only increase an individual’s understanding and knowledge in life. A definition of CPD published by the General Medical Council (2012) states that learning is a continuing process which enables individual to maintain and improve skills, attitudes and behaviours. CPD is proven to enhance a nurses understanding of patient care while developing personal growth (RCN, 2007). Consequently CPD has an important impact on patients as each individual has the right to access health care professionals who have the most up to date skills, knowledge and abilities to their clinical area (Craig and Smith, 2002). However the concept of CPD ranges, sometimes learning can be a formal type of learning, it can also be an academic type of learning or the learning that happens spontaneously in a person’s day to day working environment (Quinn and Hughes, 2013). Therefore making CPD a priority brings its own rewards, a nurse who recognises the importance of CPD, can gain more personal satisfaction by having the ability to give the best to patient care, it can also open up opportunities to specialise in an area of interest (Cowen and Maier and Price, 2009). One theory of CPD is that it pro...

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...inable evidence from Schon (1983) and Severinsson (1988) that reflection has a decisive impact on a person’s ability to learn and on patient care.
Throughout this essay Continuing Professional Development has been discussed along with the skills needed to become a proficient learner. It has also explored how Lifelong Learning is important to the nursing profession and how it is a key factor in nurse retention. In summary learning is a continuous process as not only does evidence change in relation to health care but new information regularly becomes available along with new methods of learning. Personal growth enhances patient care as mentioned throughout and for nurses to successfully enforce theory into practice these skills and attributes together with professional experience will give the cognition to be competent at learning which is subservient to patient care.

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