Essay on The Importance Of Liberal Arts And Law Enforcement Careers

Essay on The Importance Of Liberal Arts And Law Enforcement Careers

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The Importance of Liberal Arts in Law Enforcement Careers
In discussions of law enforcement one controversial issue has been whether liberal arts courses are necessary or should be required. In “The New Liberal Arts” Sanford J. Ungar believes that liberal arts are crucial to any professional career. Mike Rose however disagrees, and suggests that a college education in general is not necessarily a must. Although both articles make a good argument, I concur with Ungar. The liberal arts are the foundation in almost any professional field, and teach students how to adapt, especially in law enforcement.
Most people will readily agree that higher education is crucial to success although tremendously expensive in some cases. When it comes to the liberal arts, many times the core foundation that one may obtain thru these courses is overlooked. Liberal arts are essential to success in any career, specifically law enforcement. The foundation provided benefits for local state or federal agencies, whether an office position, uniformed officer or even an investigator. Liberal arts majors are the most adaptable to new circumstances and for a police officer, being susceptible to any situation is vital. On a daily basis most police officers will be either physically or psychologically abused, and sometimes both. An officer will see people become victims, someone dying or dead, and the loved ones they leave behind. They have to tell husbands, wives and parents that their children or spouse won 't ever be coming home again, and they have to stay calm and strong in the face of it all. Then, like most, go home to a family and be neutral. I believe only an educated person could effectively do this repetitively day after day.
The liberal arts style pe...

... middle of paper ... foundation for adjusting to new careers and furthering education. I partially agree with Officer Dunn because he states that higher education depends on each individual. Although he never obtained a college degree, he makes it a point that it at some point could have helped him early on in his career. Deputy Maldonado also makes a good point that being able to adapt to changes is important, even when you are already employed with a law enforcement agency. Liberal Arts is a broadly based education, but it improves your analytical, communication and learning abilities. Any person in law enforcement will willingly agree that critical think skills and problem solving is a major part of the job. The arts give the benefit to be knowledgeable, open to new opportunities, and perceptive. Liberal arts courses give you the foundation you need to go anywhere, and do anything.

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