The Importance of Lent in the Church Today Essay

The Importance of Lent in the Church Today Essay

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Lent, which is also referred to as the Lenten season and Great Lent, is a time to remind us of Jesus’ 40 day trial of fasting and temptation in the wilderness. The season of Lent is a forty day long liturgical season of fasting and prayer before Easter, but in today’s society the question arises is Lent still defined this way or has the definition changed.
The Lenten season occurs immediately after the festival of Epiphany. Liturgically, Lent lasts for 48 days starting on Ash Wednesday before the Paschal Triduum. Traditionally, the Lenten fast is observed for 40 days beginning on Ash Wednesday through Holy Week. Sunday’s were excluded from the Lenten fast because Sunday is a feast of the resurrection of our Lord. However, the Sunday’s of Lent are still a part of the Lenten liturgical season in the Western Church and the worship services tend to be more subdued. The Gloria and the joyous “Alleluias!” are not spoken during Lent until Easter season. The liturgical color of Lent is violet and symbolizes royalty and remorse. To show a state of mourning, on Maundy Thursday the altar is stripped down and on Good Friday the altars and pastors are dressed in black.
Churches have not gone completely off course with their teachings of Lent. Lent is supposed to help us prepare for the resurrection of our Lord and it does symbolize Christ’s trial of fasting and temptation in the wilderness. The problem is not the teachings of the Church but, how the members of the Church practice Great Lents traditions and the dismissal of the five points of Lents true purpose.
The five points of the seasons true purpose are fasting, spiritual growth, self-denial, conversion, and simplicity. These five points are something that can help ...

... middle of paper ... from we must remember that Lent is more than a time for personal self-satisfaction. Lent is about spiritual results, not material results. This means any fasting we do should be done for Gods glory and our spiritual growth. The most important thing to remember while celebrating Lent is although the practices may vary for the various denominations, the focus remains the same: to repent our sins, to renew our faith and prepare ourselves to joyfully celebrate the mysteries of our salvation.

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