The Importance Of Learning A Second Language Essay

The Importance Of Learning A Second Language Essay

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English has been an international language since global companies have become very popular. Therefore, varieties of ESL programs were built to satisfy the demand of a large number of people in over the world. My country is a specific example. There are many ESL Centers here, but the question is whether these ESL centers are really providing a good program for the learner. The purpose of learning a second language is to use it as your native language, which means the learner can read, write and communicate perfectly by that language. In fact, those ESL programs in my country only focus on helping their students pass the official test not on using it. Many people in my country pass the test with high grade, but they are still unable to use it. With the ESL centers in non-spoken English countries like mine, they need to provide a more effective program. The learner also need to aware of the reason why they learn English and learns it in the probably way, so that they will not waste their time.
The official English tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC has become very important in my country. These tests have worked as a key to open the future door. Your English certification will give you a huge advantage when you apply for a job or if you already have a job; it will help you get promoted faster. Students need English certification to study abroad or to graduate when most of the universities require English to graduate. Recently, ESL centers in my country have provided many IELTS and TOEFL programs. However, students come here to learn how to pass the test, not to learn English. They were taught strategies to answer reading questions without reading and understanding the content, follow examiner’s favorite essay formats, and pract...

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...ose languages and cultures are valuable and all worth to learn and share. English is an easy way to help us to come closer and get to know each other. We all live in the same world, depend on each other to build and develop a better place to live. That is why we need to learn an alive language, not a dead proof.
It is undeniable that the official English test is useful. It is the easiest way to prove that a person has learned English. However, what we really need to prove is whether we can use what we have learned and how well we use it. It only can substantiate by the real ability. Therefore those ESL centers as well as the people who are learning English in my country now, should and better change their purpose soon. They should focus on teaching English that the learner can use and the students should study for using it not for passing the test only as well.

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