Essay on The Importance Of Leadership At Central Academy

Essay on The Importance Of Leadership At Central Academy

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leadership itself has been more effective is that we backlash we got from whatever it categorizes the privileged few, mostly from the west part of our district when all of a sudden when their daughter couldn’t take half their schedule at central academy because you know some of what she would take at central academy is there is in her high school and you have a lot of opportunistic educator like a lot of the staff in central academy who you know you use that and say that you can’t do that, we have to stay in our protected little bubble and so, what I remember is one of the most invigorating  meetings I had with the staffs when I was in the district two springs ago at the central academy was the height of the reaching discontent in that pocket. I said look I appreciate that the students taking AP calc taking at central academy did better than students taking it at Hoover but let me also say that there were two sections of AP Calc at central academy with handpicked kids no more than 25 kids per section and we had one teacher at Hoover teaching 42 kids and that was a single prep for him .Now because these kids didn 't perform well on average on kids that doesn’t mean that his instructions wasn 't as just as good it doesn’t also mean his kids are also not that smart. The opportunity that they had building up to that student by student was vastly different as so I said I 'm very frustrated with the collegiality , the district wide collegiality in this issue because everybody in the district has different experiences and saying that the experience is better at central is a pretty hallow argument but there is some long standing that we teacher who teach there have bright children who have some advantage from birth on and it had become cu...

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...equity if we can have a pretty reliable measure that is organically happening and talking about aligning our systems and we see we have a gap there well, we cannot blame that on the bias of the tests which we cannot do much about but we can do something about our cultural practices in our classrooms you know to start mitigating those outcome differences and if we can align that too our meaningful external measure like ACT for instances I think we can make some headway genuinely closing the gap and little token victories here and there with the small handful of kids but look at the system they all we mean all if we have a tight system on a guaranteed and viable curriculum and more importantly here guaranteed and viable assesment of achievement of that curriculum then that the huge tool for us to be critically reflective and take on the ground action in the classroom .

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