Essay on The Importance Of Knowing Your Students And Their Emotional Triggers

Essay on The Importance Of Knowing Your Students And Their Emotional Triggers

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The importance of knowing your students and their emotional triggers seemed to have much of my attention this past week while observing in Ms. Davis’ classroom. The morning flowed as usual until it was time for Student News with CNN. I have mentioned it in several of my reflections, the advantages and disadvantages of exposing the students to the current events. However, this week one of the topics hit too close to home for one student.
Student News with CNN did a special on the heroin epidemic hitting cities and targeting high school students. Coincidentally, the special focused on Kirkwood, MO. The journalist explained that this area has four times more deaths due to heroin overdoses than the national average. The room was silent and the students didn’t seem to move during the special report. After the report was over, one of the students asked to see the school nurse because his throat was hurting. The teacher allowed him to leave and then immediately called the nurse to alert her that this student was on his way. Thirty minutes later, said student returned with a note that he ...

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