The Importance Of Knowing The Difference Between Scholarly And Popular Articles

The Importance Of Knowing The Difference Between Scholarly And Popular Articles

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The importance of knowing the difference between scholarly and popular articles is crucial in writing. Popular articles would be magazines, big name newsletters that cover multiple different elements into whatever detail they choose. These are usually brief passages showing the knowledge of one individual on a topic. Scholarly articles are usually very dry, but they have every single bit of information you could want to know on one certain topic. This is where many professors and researchers will post their work and collaborate with others in their field. Be warned that scholarly articles are often hard to read because the language used in these articles are written for those who know what they are talking about not the average person. This may make it very hard for someone else to find precious information within all of this dry text.
My topic is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. It is amazing how scholarly articles and popular articles differ in content and creativity. A magazine titled “Unlocking the Secrets of PTSD” is the popular source that I use found in the magazine Time. The author Mark Thompson writes a compelling article about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder discussing what it is and how it has been affecting many for years now. This article is perfect for those who would like to learn about the danger of PTSD. On the other hand the scholarly article titled “ A Randomized Clinical Trial of Primary Care Brief Mindfulness Training for Veterans With PTSD” is much more complex compared to the magazine article. This source is created by many authors from all over but, is mainly credited to:Kyle Possemato, Dessa Bergen-Cico, Scott Treatman, Christy Allen, Michael Wade, and Wilfred Pigeon. After scrolling for a minute yo...

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...introductions to scholarly sources. When you are researching a brand new topic stick to reading popular articles to familiarize yourself with the topic. After if you need any more information or graphs it is easy to find multiple scholarly articles on any topic you have. Popular sources are always always being created. With magazines and newspapers and other forms of information being published daily new information is always flowing in. These scholarly sources are usually published only a few times a year. It is difficult to get all of the correct products from all of the different authors together in one book. Also, many of these scholarly authors are always conducting new research that takes time to develop and complete. Both sources are unique in their ways of giving information. In the end both sources combined is a great tool to use when you are writing essays.

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