The Importance of Knowing About Cancer Essay

The Importance of Knowing About Cancer Essay

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The Importance of Knowing About Cancer
Over the years, cancer has become increasingly present in young children. For any parent hearing that your child has cancer is devastating. Therefore, even thinking about your child potentially getting cancer is unbearable. Not many parents see the need to research about cancer. On the contrary, nearly thirteen thousand kids get cancer each year. This one fact makes the need for parents to educate themselves of great importance. Not only is it good to know about cancer to see the signs in your children but also it gives you an advantage over cancer. If you know treatments and the process of battling cancer, you can right away take action and have a better chance at beating it. The same as knowing where your children are every second knowing what could potential harm you or your child is also of importance.
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Cause and Diagnosis
In recent research, scientists have found that there is a list of risk factors that play a major part in the development of ALL. Risk factors including having a high birth weight, Down’s syndrome, certain genetic patterns, and exposure to certain chemo drugs (Look, 2009). As research continues, more and more genetics are being blamed for causing ALL. This key fact is one reason to look into family medical history.
As in all cancers, the diagnosis is formed of results of test. These tests include blood work, a physical, CAT scan, and in some case a spinal tap. Blood work is the one that gives the doctors the clue that there might be cancer. In the blood work, an abnormal white blood cell count would be noted. Telling the doctor that there is something wrong. When leukemia is within the body bad white blood cell over populate. The bad white ...

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... one cancer your child can get. In many cases the faster you act the better your chance of survival. Parents educate themselves in what school is best for their kid why not in research that could give their child a better survival rate.

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