The Importance Of Job Satisfaction Is A Growing Concern For Today 's Employers

The Importance Of Job Satisfaction Is A Growing Concern For Today 's Employers

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The importance of job satisfaction is a growing concern for today’s employers. The number of articles about this topic was overwhelming when completed through the Jerry Falwell online library. In one particular article, the researchers identify that the concern is not simply because the employees are unhappy but because the employers may be “leaving money on the table”. (Pfeffer, 2007). As such, it is evident that this topic is multifaceted and relevant.
Job dissatisfaction has become an increasingly prevalent topic for those in the job market, especially those who have obtained higher education. Over qualification seems to result in a negative cognitive component in relation to dissatisfaction. The result of workers who are overqualified is that they gain an affective reaction such as, “I dislike my job because I am not challenged. I feel overqualified.” (Robbins & Judge, 2013). The scenario described can become an example of cognitive dissonance. An individual who feels overqualified and dissatisfied with work, may not necessarily exhibit a corresponding behavioral response. Their behavioral response may actually seem quite confusing, as their dissatisfaction could cause unchanged behavior in fear of failure or persistent circumstances. And the validity of this social phenomenon is important due to findings from a recent study. Researchers have found that during years 2001-2006, a pay forfeiture for those considered overqualified has been a dramatic rise (Green & Zhu, 2010).
While we have identified that an overqualified employee may exhibit dissatisfaction in various ways. It’s also possible that the employee demonstrates a low job involvement and little psychological empowerment, meaning that they do not feel valued ...

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...nd as such, they can change from person to person. However, if you are a Christian and true believer, then you will rely on God’s word and know that one must do as Colossians says, and "work heartily".
Overall, the discussion of job satisfaction could be taken many ways. I argue that there are many students in this course who choose this same topic but took their discussion on a different path. However, the consensus on a management level should reflect great concern over this topic. Many reasons for this concern exist such as corporate finances, productivity, and absenteeism/turnover. What is most surprising is that there seems to be a prevailing nonchalant attitude from managers regarding their employee’s fulfillment. What will it take to encourage managers to take periodic temperature checks on their employees and create action plans to increase satisfaction?

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