The Importance of Inter-Professional in Delivering Effective Health Care

The Importance of Inter-Professional in Delivering Effective Health Care

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The practice of using inter-professional teams in delivering care is not a new concept but there is now there is current healthcare policy in place that healthcare professionals should work within a multidisciplinary team Department of Health (2001b) and requirement of the NMC (2008). The emphasis of this essay is to discuss the importance of inter-professional in delivering effective health care and what challenges and constraints exist. The integration of a case study will provide an insight into inter-professional collaboration in practice.
Through constant development, each professional within the National Health Service has become highly specialised in their own fields but one professional alone cannot deliverer a complete package of care. This illustrates the importance of using inter-professional collaboration in delivering health care. This importance is further highlighted due to treating the illness alone whilst ignoring sociological and psychological requirements on an individual is no longer acceptable. This was the view of Kenny (2002) that at the core of healthcare is an agreement amongst all the health professionals enabling them to evolve as the patient health requirements become more challenging but there are hurdles for these coalitions to be effective, one of which is the variation in culture of health divisions. Physicians ignore the mundane problems of patients, and if they feel undervalued they do not fully participate with a multidisciplinary team (Hall 2005).
If any one member feels they are not an appreciated part of the team or if one member of the team believes that their input is more important friction occurs and resentment within the team and the loss of trust. Castle (2005) stated that the importa...

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...f abbreviations are used which are not universally recognised. Within the health service problems arise if the referral system too complex or if not all the relevant information is documented especially in patient handovers. In order for written communication to be effective in teamwork it should contain a full explanation of information relevant to the task being undertaken and be in a format that is recognised across all members/branches
Most peoples’ concept of communication involves verbal only but the skill of active listening is just as important. For teams to work effectively each member should be willing to listen openly to all ideas brought forward within the team. This a Stevens (1994) found prevents any relevant or important issues being overlooked, a view supported by Collins (1983) ‘Listening creates an interpersonal situation of maximum involvement’.

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