The Importance of Information Literacy Essay examples

The Importance of Information Literacy Essay examples

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Badke had a conversation with Paul Zurkowski, the man who coined the phrase “Information Literacy” in the 70s, and they discussed three general topics. First, they discussed that information has genuine value, and therefore, people should pay for it. Second, information should be in the private sector’s hands because it needs to be uninhibited and productive. Third, the population should be able to effectively and efficiently access and handle information(Badke, 2010).
Badke agrees with Zurkowski stating that giving away information worsens its value and lessens its quality. It costs a lot of money to produce databases and get journals peer reviewed. However, if someone does not pay for these services then the quality will be comparable to the World Wide Web. In other words, the public will end up with poor quality information.
In Badkes’ opinion, it is certainly correct to say that academics and other experts launch good websites, but it is also correct that the best information is one paid for although it eventually will be fully accessed free.
Secondly, Badke believes that the government need not produce information already provided by the private sector. He also believes that the government should encourage private sector companies to create information before one of its programs produces it. In other words, the government should monitor information, but it should not be the primary creator.
In third place, Badke reiterates Zurkowski’s goal to teach all people how to access and manage information wherever they may be. Libraries do not need to be the primary sources for information. National databases should provide and supply information libraries cannot. Information literacy is essential f...

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...w technology, often think that the Internet and the Web threaten our way of life. In contrast, to the new digital generation, technology is merely another way to view the world, another way to
interact with each other, and another way “to go where no man has gone before.”

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