The Importance Of Information Has Undergone Many Changes Throughout The Years

The Importance Of Information Has Undergone Many Changes Throughout The Years

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Protecting information has undergone many changes throughout the years. Around 1900 BC an Egyptian scribe used uncommon hieroglyphs as the first recognized case of written cryptography. Hebrew scribes used a reverse-alphabet simple substitution cipher to write the book of Jeremiah in between 600 – 500 BC. The cipher is known as the ATBASH cipher. In 487 BC, Greeks used a written on leather strap and wrapped it around a staff that had a predetermined length and width.
Going through the years, technology aided to make messages private. In 1790, Thomas Jefferson created a wheel cipher utilizing thirty-six wooden wheels numbered 1 to 36 that had a scrambled alphabet on the outside of the wheel. The placement of the wheels from 1 through 36 is predetermined by the sender and the receiver. The cipher that made by this wheel is in the form of a polyalphabetic cipher, a cipher alphabet that changes throughout the encryption. (Calabrese, 2004)
The wheel cipher led to incorporating other types of mechanical technology as well as mathematics. In 1929, Lester Hill introduced mathematics in the form of linear algebra to his multiletter cipher to address the frequency of languages use of letters. The integration of mathematics caused increased complexity needing automation in the encryption/decryption process. The advantages in automated processes that mechanical devices brought about led to the creation of the Enigma machine by German inventor Arthur Scherbius. The Enigma machine used an electromechanical circuit as a keyboard that passes through a series of rotors with 26 contacts (representing letters of the alphabet of a language) which then shows the encrypted results of the process. (Calabrese, 2004)
The invention of computing technolo...

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