Essay about Importance of Individual Goals

Essay about Importance of Individual Goals

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Using my social care work placement (Sense Scotland) as a reference, I have compiled a report which fully covers effective team working in care settings. The report consists of a three-part structure, which documents: the factors which contribute to good team working, the importance of interpersonal skills, and the contribution of performance review and goal-setting to the success of any organisation.

PART ONE: Individual, Team, or Group Methods of Working

Within my placement organisation, staff members will generally work as part of a team as well as having an individual role. For the team to be efficient all members must know their own role within the team, liaise with each other, and look to improve individual strengths and weaknesses. This collaboration helps to build a successful team, built on trust and effective communication.
In addition to working as part of a team, staff may also work as part of one or more larger multi-disciplinary teams. This usually includes professionals from different areas of social care such as Social Work and the National Health Service. It is essential all professionals work together for the benefit and interests of the child/client and family, and good teamwork can play a vital role in this.

Specialist groups may be formed within teams to address specific issues or policies, for example the Health Promoting Schools group. This is a current (2009) initiative in which a specific group of individuals, usually parents, children and staff, are selected to ensure that the establishment is working towards the specified criteria within the initiative (in this instance working towards achieving awards, from Bronze to Silver).
You may be a part of such groups at various times...

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...ite; [accessed 22/04/14] (para.1)

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