The Importance of Increasing the Minimum Wage Essay

The Importance of Increasing the Minimum Wage Essay

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An adult supporting themselves on minimum wage is hard enough, but to support a family as well can send a person plummeting below the poverty line. The set minimum wage of $7.25 is not the minimum wage we think it is. Minimum wage workers are not just teenagers taking your orders at a fast food restaurant, they are people of any and all ages trying to earn enough money to put bread on the table. The causes of the inflation of minimum wage are a conglomerate of selfish political leaders, lack of legal binding, and the recent recession. The solution to the increasing percentage of Americans living below the poverty line due to the low value minimum is raising the minimum wage back to its 1968 counterpart.
It’s fairly common to meet a self centered politician, but to have an entire congress that only looks out for themselves is ridiculous. Because congress is so preoccupied with the fortune 500 companies lining their pockets, they have lost touch with the majority of the Americans who voted them into office. In 1968 the real value of minimum wage was at its peak, with a value of ...

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