Essay about The Importance Of Improving Upon Yourself

Essay about The Importance Of Improving Upon Yourself

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The importance of improving upon yourself is something that is not stressed enough in my eyes. Let’s face it, in the culture that we live in today everything revolves around competition. People compete for nearly everything in our society. Even with this constant competition between our peers and everyone else in the world, improving upon yourself is not what is focused on as it should be. Every individual person is different and it is unfair to assess one’s worth by assessing every individual the same. This is not to say that in certain circumstances people should not be judged by the same criteria, but overall as a society, personal growth is not the main goal rather beating out the competition is. In order to truly become better and gauge one’s improvement in a certain subject matter they need to be assessed by their own previous performances. That is why reflecting upon one’s own previous performances is so important. At the beginning of the semester we were asked to write down three goals that we had for the semester in terms of our writing. This is key for anyone who wishes to improve their once thought to be best efforts. If someone has goals that they wish to obtain and are truly dedicated to the cause then they are more likely to devise a course of action in order to accomplish their goals. The three goals of mine to help me become a better writer this semester were to, one, go to the writing center and work with a tutor. Two, to become better at proofreading and doing a more thorough job as revising my papers. Three, to become better at starting and concluding my papers.
One key element in striving to better yourself is having motivation to do so. Motivation is what activates actions in order to reach goals. Without act...

... middle of paper ...

.... This has been accomplished by the constant push to expand on my thoughts and ideas in order to better convey what points that I am trying to portray.
The greatest source for improvement in our lives is to reflect upon our own selves. In order to judge if we are improving or not we have to look at what we have done in the past, what we are doing in the present, and what we want to do in the future. This is done by looking back at what we have already accomplished and comprising a plan in order to accomplish what we would like to in the future. Through the reflecting I have done over my writing this semester I feel as if I have greatly improved my writing by the way that I obtained my goals through the course of action that I had taken. Next semester will be much easier than this one with the habits that I have developed over the course of the semester in this class.

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