The Importance Of Improving Critical Thinking Skill

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Improving critical thinking skill is one of the key elements to being a university student. It is important because it provides general knowledge and civic capacity which leads to a higher sense of public values and social responsibilities; all of which can be obtained through a passion for higher education. Teaching critical thinking can help students see outside the box because it evokes imagination and introduces students to a creative space where they can communicate and think innovatively (Hooks, 2010). However, as Giroux states the university is slowing losing its public character when it comes to neoliberalism (Giroux, 2010). Also due to privatizations of humanities, many students are not able to process the skill of critical thinking as they should be. As more university institutions are working under more elite corporate powers, many majors such as humanities and liberal arts, which relies on critical thinking, are being downsized, privatized and commoditized which often makes those subjects seen as simple and looked down upon (Tilak, 2008). Such corporate altercation of these subjects often leads to students having a mindset that majors such as engineering or anything in that field which deals with numbers or science as more superior. However, fields that are connected to the humanities can often create more creative spaces for various other knowledge such as humanistic and technical modes (Giroux, 2010). These critical modes can often transform the mind more freely as it creates a global democracy; which makes the global political system establish the presence of political philosophy, sociology, various laws and international relations (2010). When observing at critical thinking from a democratic perspective, a crit... ... middle of paper ... ...llowed the movement to get more attention and grow and connect to different struggles (Thorburn, 2013). The attention moved from local to international, therefore, projecting more voice of the people (2013). Through the Maple Spring protests, I’ve realized that all these organizations of student movements and protest is a constitutional right, due to the public often getting involved and a lot of international attention against the governments. It also comes down to critical thinking as it is needed to balance the knowledge and power, since it helps higher education systems challenge many social rules and norms. It also comes down to the entire learning experience in general because at the end of the day, higher education and its’ capability to develop critical thinking, enables students to enforce a lot of societal changes through their own voices and actions.
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