Essay about The Importance Of Identity And Identity

Essay about The Importance Of Identity And Identity

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We start all of our projects with identity. We believe successful communication hinges on understanding and conveying identity appropriately.

In order for a thing to have significance it must be identifiable. The better the identity of the thing-maker (generator of actions, ideas, products, etc.) - the more refined, considered and memorable - the greater the likelihood that the thing-maker and the things it produces (if viewed favorably and/or found effective) will be remembered, appreciated, sought after and ultimately valued.

Identity design (logotype, symbol, color, supporting typographic specifications, etc.), while being an element of brand (a word we don't love), is just that - one very important part of a much larger communication platform. We're not going to delve into brand and brand development here as we're focused explicitly on identity, its creation and its value; but, for what it's worth – without identity, there can be no brand. Put simply, people connect ideas to identities.

Good identities perform a number of functions, but we're going to focus on just three: identity as a means of cohesion, identity as a vessel, and identity to build trust.

1 – Identity as a means of cohesion

When handled appropriately, identity provides a visual framework, a foundation of sorts upon which to build additional assets and communication collateral (printed ephemera, packaging, websites, digital products, etc.) while sharing strands of, or at a minimum, harking back to the identity's DNA. This function is of vast importance and we highlight it first because it's the basis for creating a memorable connectedness and achieving visual consistency - something we're very focused on.

2 – Identity as a vessel

The second function of id...

... middle of paper ...

...for the client is the hard part. That part takes patience and experience.

Identity design requires a diverse set of skills, including distillation, intuition, an aptitude for seeing into the future and more often than not, a plethora of communication tools more commonly associated with a psychologist than a designer. When an entity's objectives, ambitions and ethos have all been appropriately considered one is poised to create a strong and productive (distinctive, practical, simple, on message and highly memorable) identity. When an identity is conceived under these conditions, trust is earned, a vessel with virtually unlimited potential is created and the groundwork for cohesion is laid.

We start with identity to convey our communication potential to our clients - ultimately to apply that same potential on their behalf, to their audience, in support of their goals.

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