Essay on The Importance of Homeschooling

Essay on The Importance of Homeschooling

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Bullet casings hit the floor as the young gunman who is dressed in army gear continues to relentlessly kill any humans that move in front of him: teachers, staff, and students. The fire alarm blares at a deafening tone throughout the school drowning out all other noises. The gunman creeps down the hallway as he passes crumpled, bloodied bodies of people that he’s shot. Eventually making his way down to the school’s cafeteria, he meets up with his comrade who is also disguised in army gear. The two gunmen, both students at the school, soon decide to take their own lives in the library of Columbine High School. Considered to be one of the worst school shootings in history, this event put many parents on edge and caused many more to home school their kids. What started as a form of sheltering from the outside world has turned into a huge learning advantage. Children who are home schooled learn better than children who attend public schools because they are in a safe, peaceful environment with parental involvement; they can be taught according to their own beliefs; and they can be taught at their own pace.
Homeschooling offers the incredible benefit of learning within the safe and peaceful confines of the home. Home schooled children are at their own homes so they don't need to worry about any possible violent disruptions such as school threats or any wasteful interruptions from the typical class clowns and the usual school troublemakers. According to Michael Rocque, author of "Exploring school rampage shootings", he claims that since the 90s "schools have been seen as places of potential violence" and that schools are "no longer safe havens for children" (2012). Since 1996, over 60 school shootings have occurred and many more threats...

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