The Importance Of Hard Work, Perseverance, And Responsibility Essay

The Importance Of Hard Work, Perseverance, And Responsibility Essay

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I believe that all things are achievable as long as a person is willing to put in the effort that is needed and persevere through the inevitable difficulties. Bobby Knight once said, “Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one.” For me this is one of the universal statements ever made. Because of living in a working class household in Ohio, I have learned the importance of hard work, perseverance, and responsibility.
I grew up in a working class home in a suburb of Columbus Ohio. My father worked very long and physically demanding hours to support my mother, my two brothers and myself. I remember vividly how he would come home covered in grease and dirt after building semi axles all day. I carry that as my inspiration every day when I feel tired or unmotivated to get up and proceed with my day. I say that I will not be lazy in the face of my father who worked so hard.
Because of this, I realized that I need to recover from my mistake in life. I also have three children whom I support and a husband whom I also tend to. Consequently, in life, I figure out the best ways ...

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