The Importance Of General Anesthesia And A Volunteer Essay

The Importance Of General Anesthesia And A Volunteer Essay

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They wheeled me into the operating room with my IV in and they were ready to start my tonsillectomy.

I was ten years old and the nurse who was talking to me asked if I was nervous. “A little”, I murmured.

“But I don’t think I’ll fall asleep quickly. I don’t really sleep well”. As she laughed, she said, “I usually

have trouble sleeping too, but we’ll have you to sleep when I count to three, it always works on me”. I

was too young to know that general anesthesia makes you unconscious. All I remember is everyone in

the operating room saying together “one, two, three”. I was out and woke up in the post-op room with

the same nurse standing by and she says “See, you went right to sleep”.

Growing up in a rural Wisconsin setting, I developed from learning. I am a guitarist, I build computers,

and a volunteer. Most importantly, I want to become a physician. The field of medicine is a field of life-

long learning, practice, and study. A field of which I aspire to be a member of. Though I didn’t know this

is what I wanted to do from the start.

In high school, there was no clear pictu...

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