Essay on The Importance of Future Careers

Essay on The Importance of Future Careers

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There are few things I rather share to the reader about you needing things in the future and that is what you will be needing to work or be with someone in the future industry to work with and there are example: Oral and written communication skills, detail oriented, Microsoft Office, customer service oriented, organizational skills. Thinking of our mind to be back in time when I was young. It’s likely that I were to be asked about what I wanted to be in the future and this seems to be almost impossible to predict due to being such a cute boy like me in the young age but in most cases I would aspire to be something and to be prepared to work towards that end of my goal that I want it to be. Along the way i will probably reevaluate my way that I have chosen my career in my path that is based on the things that will happen in my life. It could be that I changed this path or i choose to do this or weather this or that or even apply new strategies that will enable me to continue on working towards the vision I have set myself, with all of those years ago to be a successful man. Some strange things might happened when I think I am doing the right things, but it is the same thing that I approach and it might not be applied in the organizations that I want to go for. It always surprises me that how often I see how my work performed with no indication of how I see myself working for this same company in the future for a long time, but I figured what I want to be no matter what happens is that I want to be a undercover cop because that way I can protect my family and friends, it contributes me to go to the overall and strategic direction towards the same organization that I will be working for because this place that I work for now has so...

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...ings which probably is not important of me but I have to make it important for me and my family to resolve in it this approach that I would have to start to see if it is good or bad because then again I will be the one spending most of my time here, most likely 365 days, this provides me the ability to view my strategies from all possible perspectives. I am sure that I can think of many more benefits from this other than what I have listed above but the key is what I have a strategy to do or how to gain more education and respect from the place I will work for. i know where I want to get to, i know how this strategy will be impacted on me and how our customers and the organization will work things out. Arming like a business model would also start to see how the organization takes place and it will evolve over time as i implement my strategy and capability in this.

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