The Importance of Freedom of Speech in Higher Education

The Importance of Freedom of Speech in Higher Education

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Freedom of speech is the right given to every individual. Everyone has been given the right to speak their mind and share their opinions. This right is always important but in higher learning, it is essential. Without freedom of speech the whole idea of higher education would just be a contradiction. When an institute of higher education tries to resist this right the whole purpose of the institute becomes contradicted. One needs their right to freely speak their mind for higher education to be a successful venture. The right to free speech is essential in higher education because it gives the individual the chance to fearlessly be who they are, the mind substance to develop and, the opportunity to bring better ideas about.
If one is to truly learn and obtain all from an institute of higher education that they possibly can it is imperative that they can openly be who they are. By allowing freedom of speech a college shows students that it is okay to be different. This will lead students to accept who they are. When someone accepts who they are they feel free to express this with others and they therefore can gain more from what others give them. If a student was always trying to hide a trait from everyone then they wouldn’t respond or share their thoughts like they should. Therefore, the student wouldn’t get the responses that they need to improve their mind and get a good education. Freedom of speech also gives the student the ability to share who they are over time and with whom they choose so they can slowly become comfortable with themselves. At the University of Delaware they created an orientation program that demonstrated how important this sense of acceptance within yourself is. When they forced students to share their p...

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...ion requires students to have the ability to use their right of free speech in order for their period of study to be useful. Allowing a student to share who they are and become accepting who they are gives them the ability to absorb all that they possibly can from their experience with college. When a school allows a student to share their mind then they are given the chance to learn from others opinions and develop their mind. If a school allows all students to share their ideas without limit then they can all build upon each others’ ideas and create more successful plans or solutions. One of the most important things for a student to have when they go to an institute of higher education is the right to freedom of speech. All students need the right to speak their mind and keep their privacy on their own terms if they are to receive an education that is of use.

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