Importance Of Formal Written Examinations Are A Good Way For Assess Knowledge At School?

Importance Of Formal Written Examinations Are A Good Way For Assess Knowledge At School?

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Do you think that formal written examinations are a good way to assess knowledge at school?
While a formal system needs to be in place in order to accurately measure the scope of a student’s ability, this essay argues that written examinations are not always appropriate in assessing students’ knowledge. This claim will be analysing by looking at the adverse effect of written papers from overemphasizing taking-exam ability rather than knowledge, as well as the practical need for a more diverse range of assessment types at school.
Firstly, written examinations inevitably encourage students to concentrate on mastering test-taking ability rather than gaining a detailed understanding of their courses. For instance, many students only prepares for their exams with a hope of achieving their expected grades. Consequently, the information studied is immediately forgotten after the exams in most circumstances. As this example clearly shows, the purpose of having written exams in the first place is hardly achievable with an overemphasis on the pursuit of grades rather than concerting students’ knowledge.
In addition to the above argument, many school subjects are not suitable to be accessed by written papers. To demonstrate, many researchers have shown that courses such as science and engineering are better accessed through experimentations. From a practical point of view, it is essential for the ongoing development and understanding of students to have first-hand experience of their assessments rather than simply checking written exam papers.
In conclusion, this essay argues for a more liberal approach where assessment through written examinations are not always a good way to get access to knowledge at school. As mentioned in above points,...

... middle of paper ... beneficial education from travel is learning about yourself. Travelling takes you away from your normal life and puts you into unfamiliar surroundings. You have time to reflect on what is important, and decisions become clearer. For example, when I visited Paris last year, I experienced the city for myself. I learned what human interaction is like there, and what the food tastes like etc.
Travel is essential to the growth of a person, to see, feel, and hear new things. The amount of new information someone processes (with their entire body rather than perhaps their eyes in reading) and gains while experiencing is most likely greater than the amount of new information someone processes and gains while reading/studying.
Travel is an incredibly valuable educational experience. Though of course moving and living in a new place is even more of an educational experience.

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