Essay The Importance Of Foreign Aid : Third World Poverty

Essay The Importance Of Foreign Aid : Third World Poverty

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April Jin
Mrs. Hinner
LNG 341
19 November 2014
The Importance of Foreign Aid
Third world poverty prevails as one of the most pressing problems in today’s generation. The term “third world countries” alone is defined as a group of countries that is immensely populous but immensely poor at the same time (Babauta). According to Babauta, nearly ten million children die before their fifth birthday— that is one child every three seconds who dies from easily treatable diseases and problems. Wealthy nations complain about their own issues and how they need to focus on their own people rather than offering help to suffering nations, when in reality, prosperous nations, such as the United States, are completely capable of providing aid to developing countries without hurting themselves. Therefore, although there are needs within wealthier nations such as the United States that need to be resolved, people should still take responsibility to go and reach out to other countries in need because these extremely poor countries are victims of poverty and diseases.
Third world poverty is an issue that has been around for a countless number of years. People are so used to the concept that they never even question what really caused the growing problem in the first place. There are several main causes of third world poverty: agricultural conditions, corruption, and overpopulation (Babauta). Surprisingly, first world countries have caused a vast majority of the poor agricultural conditions these third world countries deal with. To meet the needs of wealthy nations, deforestation surrounds these poor countries, along with several other dilemmas such as erosion, droughts, overgrazing, and other man-made natural causes, leaving the people of these soci...

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