The Importance of Food Safety and Hygiene Essay

The Importance of Food Safety and Hygiene Essay

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The issue of food safety is a universal concern. This is because everyone has to consume food. Food scares have been numerous in the United States in the past twenty years. This fact has motivated producers and consumers alike to take an active role in the safe and quality production of their food. This is a requirement for all people across the nation as well as the globe to be concerned about to be healthy and enjoy the food they must consume.
The United States of America has one of the cheapest, most abundant, and safest food supplies throughout the entire world. Consumers have driven our agricultural sector to be one of the most powerful in the world. If producers cannot ensure food safety for consumers, the people who trust agriculturists to produce and process their food will most assuredly admonish the economic livelihood and reputation of agricultural industries.
Managing food safety and hygiene (2011) states that we are all at some extent dependent on others to ensure that the food we eat does not harm us. We are all responsible for the food we consume. As the old saying goes, “From farm to fork,” there are copious opportunities for every person along the food production chain to ensure food safety.
Production Agriculture
Large scale production agriculture is often attacked for its care of food safety. It is difficult to determine the precise cause for the stereotypical view of production agriculture’s concern with food safety. With the recent outbreaks of poor food safety instances in the United States, it is easy to blame the large-scale farmers who have a lot to worry about.
The large majority of production agriculturists take great pride in the products they produce. They wish to do everything in their p...

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...ues are able to arise at any moment along nearly any given point in the food production and processing chain. Average consumers as well as agriculturists must help each other ensure the safety of our food supply across the nation and the globe.

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