Essay on Importance Of Family : The Importance Of Family

Essay on Importance Of Family : The Importance Of Family

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The Importance of Family
Through analysis of our four research surveys it appeared that family was of the upmost importance to individuals within the target market. This insight was first observed in the first survey (Appendix A) where participants were asked to list the three most important things in their life. 5 out of 5 participants listed family first on their list of importance. A focus on family was also conveyed in the second survey (Appendix B) where the research took place through pictures. The participates were asked to select five pictures, out of twenty-six random pictures, that to them demonstrated financial security. The majority of pictures selected had a family focus such as pictures of a happy family, a couple on a beach, a woman kissing a baby and a graduation ceremony (Appendix ??). When asked to comment on the pictures that the participants had selected the word family, significant other, children or grandchildren was mentioned eleven times. While choosing the pictures, one participant pick up the picture of a woman kissing the baby and said they the reason for choosing it was that “being able to support your family, kids and grandkids” meant financial stability. The selection of these family focused pictures suggests that many people think of financial security as synonymous with providing for their family. To further test this concept, in survey 3 (Appendix C) participants were asked to rate a series of items in order of importance to them, these items included Family, Health, Wealth, Security and Leisure. The results showed that five out of five participants rated family as the most important to them out of the five items listed. The reoccurrence of family was also connected with the idea of health and esc...

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...s are located in Saskatoon, this is important because when the importance of location was tested, participants said it was important to live in the same city as their financial planner, see section XX.

Points of Difference
We offer shared knowledge from two separate experiences, which are coming together to better help build trusting relationships. We are not focused on bringing in huge portfolios which are only focused on financial results, we want to offer sale and traditional investment advice which will help you to be able to have a work life balance while also keeping your family values. We want to focus on building a relationship with you enable to better understand your future goals and aspirations. To assist us in helping you reach your goals we are continually researching new investment forms and techniques to provide clients with up-to-date information.

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